Meet the team

Currently we are a wolf pack of one

As a father of two growing boys, I want nothing more than for their lives to be as blessed as possible. In their short lifetime, I have tried to instill in them a sense of love, of caring, of compassion, of sharing, of creativity, of curiosity, of seeking those things for which they feel passion.

For me, being passionate about the things I love has always been my personal philosophy. When I first sought careers, I knew that I wanted to write and I loved to read. Therefore, there was little doubt in my quest to be an English teacher with hopes of one day also being a writer of books. I may not have always been able to communicate it to my students, but I care about their success. Every new group of students is told that I want them to succeed, and I genuinely care about their ability to do so. To me, helping people through one-on-one interaction and seeing them get it, like the cartoon light bulb lighting up, makes me proud and happy.

Once I decided it would be time to move back to the States, the one thing that had always pulled at me was how I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I spent a lot of time considering what forms of business I could go into. That was when I considered that I would love to own my own digital marketing company, focusing on search engine optimization (also known as SEO). SEO became my new passion.

That is why I started Gold Bayou Digital Marketing, a company that has personal sentimental values. I chose my logo as a fleur-de-lis because of my French and Cajun heritage and my love for New Orleans Saints football. I chose the company colors of purple and gold because, as well as the name Gold in the company name based on my lifelong love of LSU sports. And I chose Bayou as part of my name because I grew up near Bayou Black in Houma. Through my company name and logo, I also wanted to show my passion for my hometown, home state, and heritage.

What we do best?

Puzzles, Pies, and Graphs


SEO Skills

Driven by an insatiable need to solve puzzles, my love for SEO is a new discovery, but a passionate one. Seeing how small changes can make big differences has given me new passion and insight into the online business world.



With a background in English teaching, writing, and editing, I understand how to look at content in a way that reaches its intended audiences. With more than 13 years as an English professor, I can help you reach your audience.


Sports stats

When I was a kid and poured over baseball box scores or read the season and career stats of each of my baseball, football, and basketball cards, I knew there was some use for my love of statistics. Today, my love for stats still stands!



I value personal relationships, and through my intense loyalty, I want to help those whom I care about. I approach everything in my life the same way, seeking to help those who need it most, especially those whom I care about most.

Why work with us?

Simply because Gold Bayou cares about your business!

We are dedicated to establishing a personal relationship with you, letting you know each step of the process towards helping your business reach its goals. We care about your success and want to make sure it happens through careful analysis and working hard until the work is done.

Each project is different. With a personal consultation, we can discuss what business plan works best for you.

You get a relationship with a person working hard towards you reaching your own business goals online. We can work out how often you wanted to be updated, with reports of our progress delivered to you on weekly basis.

Gold Bayou is looking to make small businesses, especially in the South Louisiana area thrive. We know what life in South Louisiana is like, and our love for the area, especially the people of the area, means that we are not trying to get rich off business owners, but to help them live a comfortable, happy life.

A typical search engine optimization campaign, including other services that you may desire, will be at least a six-month commitment. From there, you can decide to continue with services, including rethinking strategies for success.

You will be in-the-know through each step of the SEO campaign. We are available via phone, e-mail, or social media whenever you need us. Also, if at any time you request a meeting to further discuss our SEO campaign, we will plan to meet within 1-3 business days.

We would love to work with you! Please let us know what your business goals are, and we will make a personalized SEO campaign for you!

We think we know. You have a business pain that you want to be solved. Get in touch with us today!

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